Travel like a local.

Junglexpedition.org is a 8 year old program that connects locals in rural areas with small foreign groups. Real sustainable tourism that promotes a low ecological impact.

You´ll be lead by local guides from Buenos Aires villages.

Discover the deep forests of Sierra Merendon. Enjoy the green foliage of its exotic unexplored hiking trails, and the crystalline waterfalls that drop down from the caves and rivers of the Cusuco  Park. Explore the untouched destinations of the most un-traditional tours in the country.

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Meeting time: 10:00 am at Hit Gym – JungleXpedition.org facilities.
Equipment check
Arrive to the extraction point by 12:00 noon. A local guide will be waiting for you to lead the adventure.
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Stage one: 4x4 drive up to Cusuco Park

Hop in the back of a 4×4 truck up to Cusuco Park

Cost per ride $2 per person. Guide service: $30 per group of 1 to 4.

Approximate time: 1 hour 

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9.5 km hike - Cross country

9.5 km cross country hike

Naranjito to Buenos Aires

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Next stage: Arrival at Buenos Aires village


Buenos Aires village

Buenos Aires village

Stay for the night at Doña Martina´s house for $3 per person.

Basic adobe accommodation.

Choose to camp at the nucleus zone. Entry fee: $10 per person. 

Waterfalls of Cusuco National Park

Waterfalls of Cusuco National Park

quetzall waterfall
orion waterfall
Toucan waterfall, cusuco national park 1

Choose between more than 15 different trails including more than 3 waterfalls options. 


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Night Hikes & camping

Night Hikes 

Trekking at night to hear the relaxing sounds of nature.

camp at cusuco park

Camp in the nucleus zone. $10 per person entry fee.

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Sunrise hike

Sunrise hike 

Buenos Aires to Naranjito. 9:00 am departure time back to San Pedro.

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Here is a complete list of all the cost of this trip.

4×4 ride up the mountain. San Pedro to Naranjito. 1 hour drive. $2 per person.

Guide service: We´ll coordinate a local guide to come down the mountain to lead your trip. The current fee is $30 to hire him to lead you from San Pedro to Buenos Aires, next day he´ll lead you back to the extraction point to make sure you get a vehicle back to San Pedro. He will also take you to Toucan watefall.

More hikes: Add more trails to your trip for $6 more. Pay your guide directly.

Overnight stay at Doña Martina´s house: $3 per person /night

Entrance fee to the nucleus zone: $10 per person. Only necessary if you are visiting the dwarf forest or Quetzal waterfall.

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4×4 drive up the mountain

The first stage is to go up the mountain at the back of the 4x4 pick up trucks that go back to their villages by 12:00 noon.