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Travel like a local to Cusuco National Park. Hop in the back of a 4×4 truck two thousands meters above San Pedro Sula. Feel the weather change in less than an hour.

A 9.5 km cross country hike through the buffer zone with panoramic views of clouds mixing with steps farms full of coffee and flower traditional plantations.

Enjoy the diversity of hikes and the changes in the ecology of the area. Waterfalls deep in the mountain trails serve as beautiful rest times to gain energy and visit more destinations.

The enigmatic and famous dwarf forest will challenge you to a unique trail few have ever seen before.

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Pricing includes:

  • Transportation from San Pedro Sula to Naranjito. Back of a 4×4 truck.
  • Local guide services
  • Bilingual guide services
  • Park entry fee
  • Meals
  • Camping equipment
  • 6 hikes
  • Transportation from Buenos Aires to San Pedro Sula. Private 4×4 truck.
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